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Olympia Fitness Expo 2015
September 21, 2015
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WOW!!! I am so glad my friend Emily invited me to go to the Olympia Fitness Expo this year with her.

It was an inspiring and also really motivating experience! I have never seen so many fit people outside of the gym in my life!! I’ve also never sampled so many different kinds of protein shakes and pre-workout in one day before. HAHAHAHA!!!

Everyone was so freaking nice and wonderful!!!! That is one of the top things I love about the fitness industry and lifestyle.  The type of people who tend to gravitate to it are generally the type of people who are into being positive, motivating, supportive, goal-oriented, and people who are into self-development!  People who strive to be the best versions of themselves and are willing to help others out too! And that is just SO AWESOME!!!! Definitely people that I love surrounding myself with.  The thing with a fit lifestyle is that it’s something you cannot fake.  It’s either you see/feel results or you don’t.  You can’t really fake that stuff.

I spent a majority of my time of Day 1 at the WCO (World Calisthenics Organization & IG: @world_calisthenics_org ) booth watching the Battle of the Bars tournament.  IT WAS THE FREAKING COOLEST THING I HAD SEEN IN A LONG TIME!!  I’ve seen videos online but I’ve never really gotten the chance to see it live, it’s a whole different experience in person!  I was absolutely in awe at how skilled and full of finesse these bar athletes were!  I mean wow, the human body is capable of really amazing things if we really know how to push it to it’s potential.

I had also made a new friend at the booth, Naji  (IG: @pure_calisthenics )!  He spent some time with me on Day 2 at the booth to teach me some foundational calisthenics exercises that I’m going to practice so that I can become stronger and may be able to do the bad ass stuff that I see them do in the future!!  He also spotted while I was practicing my handstands and gave me some helpful tips that helped me NAIL and hold a handstand for a few seconds!! The longest I had been able to hold it ever!! I was absolutely ECSTATIC!!! IT IS AN AWESOME FEELING WHENEVER YOU HAVE CONQUERED A PERSONAL RECORD!!  Thanks Naji!! You’re the freaking best!

I also got to meet Heidi Somers ( IG: @buffbunny ) who is a person I really admire and feel very inspired by in the Instagram Fitness community! She was SO BEAUTIFUL in real life, so humble and sweet!!!!  She’s my favorite because I can tell that she genuinely really wants to help others out through fitness and I can see that is a passion of hers!! She’s also got a youtube channel ( ) where she posts workout tips and routines!!! I highly recommend you check them out! :) They are really helpful especially if you’re new to fitness!

And last but not least, I got to meet Steve Cook ( IG: @stevecook_32 ) who also has a youtube channel ( )!  The line to meet him was freaking huge and LONG!  But he is such a genuine, down to earth, and freaking hilarious person!! He takes the time to really talk to each person that meets him and I thought that was really cool.  You can tell he really appreciates every single one!  I was introduced to him by friend Emily, who shared with me his background story of how he got into fitness and I thought it was really inspiring! I’ll post the story here, I definitely recommend you guys give it a read, I love learning about people’s backgrounds and seeing their different motivations and stories as to why they have stumbled onto what makes them passionate.  This is a forum post but the text was taken from Steve’s FB fanpage bio back in 2013: Steve Cook’s Bio ! Oh and here’s a recap video of his day at Olympia! I’m in it for split second!! Can you find me? LOL!

Anyway, all in all I freaking loved my first experience at Olympia! I will FOR SURE be there again next year!  There is so much things things to do and they also give you a bunch of samples so you can try out different supplements!  I even got a whole freaking bucket of pre-workout from EHPLabs *woot*!  And I got to watch a Sambo competition for the first time and I thought that was absolutely fascinating!!!  If you’re into fitness, I would highly recommend checking out this event at least once!!! I predict it will only get bigger because I can see that being fit and healthy is something that is becoming more and more popular (which I am happy because that means there will be more healthy people in this world, yay!!!)

Lessons I learned during the trip in terms of logistics:

1) We got to the airport by 5:00AM and was on the plane by 6:00Am.  I don’t think I will ever fly to Vegas early as heck ever again since hotel check-in time is usually 3PM and the early chick-in (if the hotel isn’t fully booked) is around 11:00AM.  So we basically had to either wander around with our luggage in hand or check it into the luggage closet at the hotel.  But we were dead tired and just wanted to take a nap, shower and get dressed since we were up since 4AM!

2) I also learned not to be cheap and book a hotel that was at the edge of the strip.  Especially if we were going to rely on taxi as transportation.  The taxi fares will eat up your hotel savings anyway.  I learned that paying a little big extra for the convenience is much better, we were initially at Howard Johnson’s but cancelled that and booked a room at Excalibur.  There was a food court within Excalibur so that made getting food really easy and accessible (something that’s important to me because I’m constantly hungry.)

3) There is such a thing as express check-in (or early check-in) so you should go ask for that if you ever get to your hotel early.

4) There a thing called half day rates, in the case that you want to stay later in your hotel because you had a flight later in the evening.  If it’s not a busy weekend you should definitely ask your hotel for that, you usually have to pay extra.  There is extended check-out til 3PM at Excalibur which costs an extra $30.00.

5) There is a complimentary shuttle at the Orleans hotel that will take you to the Las Vegas Convention center, it was cheaper for us to take a cab to the Orleans and then shuttle it to the convention center than to take the cab directly to convention center.

Fitness Productivity
Second Week Into My Early as Fuck Morning Routine
August 20, 2015

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The second week had really put me to the test.  You know that initial high you get when you start off on your goals? The one that quickly fades as the day passes? Yeah, I’m pretty sure the initial high for me is pretty much gone, I felt it today.  That is the biggest reason why most people don’t follow through with their new year’s resolution, they get really high off of that rush of inspiration, but I’ve learned over the years that inspiration really isn’t a sustainable feeling.  You can’t run off of that kind of fuel forever and that you’re not always going to feel like following through.

But that’s just it. I’m learning that even though I don’t initially “FEEL” like waking up and going to the gym at 5:00AM, I KNOW that once I actually do it and get to the gym, I will feel much better, especially in the long term.  I’m learning that sometimes things aren’t butterflies and rainbows, you just gotta stick through with it when the going gets tough if you want to be able to achieve the goals that you’ve set for yourself.  I’m learning not to run away from things when obstacles come up and things no longer feel good.  And I’m learning to confront them head on instead.  That’s what commitment is, sticking it through the good and bad becauseI know that it will be very much worth it in the end!  My kickboxing instructor said something to me this week that has really stuck to me all week, “If it was easy, everyone would have it”.

I’m really grateful for having a workout partner that is sticking it through with me too! She’s a huge factor in helping keep me accountable with my goals.  We would text or call each other in the morning to make sure the other one is awake and I really like that.  Sometimes, it does really help to have someone work on the same goals with you and want it just as bad as you, if not more than you.  I am really grateful to have her as one of my best friends and also accountability partner!

I still feel so freaking great when I look at the time and see that it’s only 9:00AM and knowing that I’ve already got a lot done so early in the morning.  Some people are just waking up or just starting their day at that time!! Wow!

Some highlights this week:
1) My awesome friend Rick introduced me to Magic Johnson at my gym! He was super friendly and seemed very grounded. I have a lot of respect for that because I know that sometimes success gets to people’s heads and they can get really cocky about it, but he seemed very humble and that was really nice to see.

2) I tried out the kickboxing class at my gym for the very first time! I was actually really intimidated to try it out at first because I felt like I was going to be the biggest noob out of everyone, but I was surprised to find out that I actually wasn’t!  I mean, even if I was a big noob, I shouldn’t care and just try it out anyways! We all got to start somewhere, right? Hahaha, that’s something I need to remind myself every now and then.  I’m going to make an effort to attend class every week because I really like the instructor and also the people in my class so far! They all seem very nice and friendly and the instructor pushes us pretty hard. I love feeling like I had given it my all after a workout session.  I felt sore from the class and it’s been 4 days.  Note to self: Drink my BCAA throughout that class, oh jeez.

3) One of the trainers at the gym taught me how to properly and more effectively shoot a basketball! It was awesome!!  I learned to always have space between my palms and the ball.  Fingertips should be supporting the ball so that I may have more control!  Also, be sure to spin the ball when shooting, for more control! Bend my knees and elbows and go straight up and out, remember to shoot from my wrist! Ha! Those were my notes from the little lesson I got.  I do notice my shots are getting more accurate when I tried the new techniques that I had learned! Sometimes when I’m not in the mood to due the full 30 minutes of cardio on the machines, I’ll go to the basketball court to run around and shoot some hoops because I find that much more fun, engaging and fulfilling than treadmills and ellipticals!

4) I was reading up on the Stronglifts 5×5 routine the other day and am really excited to try it out next week (maybe even tomorrow).  I want to find a way to effectively get stronger and I’m hoping this program will help! I shall write about my experience with it! :)

Fitness Productivity
A Week Into the Early Morning Routine
August 12, 2015

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It’s been about a week of waking up at around 4:30AM – 5AM.  And holy moly, I freaking love it so far. It makes me feel so productive when I get a workout and also some work done all before 8AM (a time when I usually wake up to start my day).  I do get tired in the afternoons and feel the need to nap, but I think I will get over that once my body starts adjusting to this schedule! Grateful to have my accountability partner be crazy enough to do this with me too!

I almost didn’t go in this morning because I had only about 4 hours of sleep and my workout partner had a sore throat and decided to rest for the day. But she had convinced me that I should go, FOR OLYMPIAAAAA, and so I  decided to let myself sleep for just a little bit and then set my alarm to go off at 5:15AM and then I did my usual 1 push-up, 5 jumping jacks, brushing teeth and washing face routine which really did the trick to wake me up!  Waking up early has been getting easier and easier the more I do it. I do have days that I struggle but I just got to remember to push and follow through!

I love the feeling of having already gotten in a workout, a shower in, some work done, and eating a healthy breakfast all before the time of 10AM or even earlier.  Starting off the day so productively really gets me in this momentum of being productive for the rest of the day! It’s an AWESOME feeling!

This has also been quite a lifestyle change for me too.  Due to being awake for about  8 hours by the time it is the afternoon and also having expended a lot of energy during my workout in the morning, I KNOW I will start to feel really tired in the afternoon.  I find that my body is also much more sensitive to food, if I eat something really heavy like junk or fried and fatty foods, the feelings of fatigue and tiredness in the afternoon are pretty intense. So to work around my tiredness, I have been eating a lot cleaner because I know I will be less tired and more awake if I eat clean!  My body doesn’t have to spend as much energy trying to digest clean food unlike unhealthy foods.  So I’ve been eating quite clean in result of that!!!

I really want to keep this routine up and hope to have it completely and perhaps even permanently integrated into my life.

Fitness Productivity
Day 1 of My Early as Fuck Gym Routine
August 5, 2015

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My alarm woke me up at 4:45AM, I had actually forgotten I had set it up that early. I’ve set a micro resolution of waking up and doing 1 push-up, 5 jumping jacks, crawl my ass to the sink and brush my teeth and wash my face every time I hear the alarm go off. That’s it.

This micro resolution in theory, is setting me up for the the habit of waking up early. I’m not setting the goal of ACTUALLY waking up early though. I realized setting that kind of goal overwhelms me and makes it easier for me to flake out on (based on my multiple attempts in the past). So I decided to try out the concept of setting micro resolutions (small specific goals that are so damn easy, you can’t say no to them).

I know that by the end of those push-ups, jumping jacks, teeth-brushing and facial washing, I would be WIDE awake by the end.

It’s almost like playing a mind game with myself, I lure myself out of bed by telling myself that all I need to do are those tasks and if I still feel tired after that, I can go back to bed.

So far, from the 2 attempts I have tried with this method, I have not gone back to sleep.

So after all of that, it was 4:52AM and I called up one of my bestest friends Emyay to wake her up so that we can hit the gym early! We are setting our goals to getting to the gym at 5AM during the weekdays and getting our routine on before work. I will just have to show you guys a screenshot of what happened.

FullSizeRender (3)

Since it’s just Day 1 of getting into the routine, we are easing ourselves in and decided to meet up with each at 6AM instead of the planned 5AM. Got our 30 minutes of cardio in, showered, dressed and got a bit of work done before Emyay left for work. I don’t work on Wednesdays so I’m spending it on writing up this blog post before I go out and study.

The rough draft plan (will revise if needed):
1) Workout from 5:00AM – 6:00AM
2) Shower/Dressed from 6:00AM – 6:45AM
3) Get work/reading done from 6:45AM – 8:00AM

I am the most productive in the early morning when nobody else is up, so I really wanted to get an early morning routine going. I think I will be able to get so much shit done if I can keep this routine up.

I also found it SO helpful that I have Emyay doing this with me too. It just makes things SO much easier when you’ve got a partner to keep you accountable. We keep each other in check and push and motivate each other whenever we find the other person at their weakest points. I love it!!! It’s the best combination! I’m very grateful to have met someone else that is as excited in growing and into self-development and just all around interested in being the best version of themselves!

We’re going to give this routine a try for the next 7 weeks! It’s great to have some kind of goal and deadline to work towards. We both want to get into much better shape before we head off to Mr. Olympia in Vegas to see Emyay’s hero Ryan Terry compete!!

I’m really excited and pumped to see how this all plays out. I know this seems really daunting of a goal, to wake up as early as 4:30AM and hitting the gym at 5:00AM at least 5 days a week. But I was re-reading Ray Dalio’s Principles (I highly recommend this read, life-changer for me. Ray Dalio is one of my heroes!) the other day, and this quote really spoke to me:

“I believe that you can probably get what you want out of life if you can suspend your ego and take a no-excuses approach to achieving your goals with open-mindedness, determination, and courage, especially if you rely on the help of people who are strong in areas that you are weak.
If I had to pick just one quality that those who make the right choices have, it is character. Character is the ability to get one’s self to do the difficult things that produce the desired results. In other words, I believe that for the most part, achieving success—whatever that is for you—is mostly a matter of personal choice and that, initially, making the right choices can be difficult. However, because of the law of nature that pushing your boundaries will make you stronger, which will lead to improved results that will motivate you, the more you operate in your “stretch zone,” the more you adapt and the less character it takes to operate at the higher level of performance. So, if you don’t let up on yourself, i.e., if you operate with the same level of “pain,” you will naturally evolve at an accelerating pace. Because I believe this, I believe that whether or not I achieve my goals is a test of what I am made of. It is a game that I play, but this game is for real.”

I want to end this post with this last quote:

“By and large, life will give you what you deserve and it doesn’t give a damn what you “like.” So it is up to you to take full responsibility to connect what you want with what you need to do to get it, and then to do those things—which often are difficult but produce good results—so that you’ll then deserve to get what you want.”

Personal Thoughts
My Happy List
March 29, 2015


1) Watching sunsets
2) Successfully saying “no” to things that are unhealthy for me
3) Learning new things
4) Getting to know people and their life stories along with understanding why they do the things they do
5) Understanding the fundamentals of investing and how the markets work
6) Going to the gym
7) Trying out a new class (at the gym) that I was initially hesitant of because I didn’t know about it
8) Reading
9) Conquering a challenging yoga pose
10) Seeing progress in my health both physically and mentally
11) Surpassing a personal record
12) Following through with my words
13) Exploring new places
14) Taking a different route
15) Cuddling
16) Good hugs
17) Editing videos on my phone
18) The moment I wholesomely understand a certain concept (AHA moments)
19) When a stranger smiles back at me
20) Saying “Hi” to people
21) Discovering good music
22) Randomly breaking out into a dance in public
23) Headstands
24) Giving someone a high five
25) Hanging around people that are ten times smarter, more knowledgeable and wiser than I am
26) Waking up early
27) Feeling like I worked really hard and deserve and fully enjoy the days I have off
28) Developing a stronger work ethic and discipline
29) Watching sunrises
30) Kissing
31) Watching someone feel comfortable about honestly expressing themselves
32) Painting
33) Taking pictures of people smiling
34) Filming people doing things that make them happy
35) Deep conversations that last for hours
36) Questioning things
37) Browsing Quora
38) When people reply back to my messages
39) Eating fresh fruit
40) Expressing my feminine side
41) Feeling comfortable about being myself
42) Deep sleep
43) Dipping my feet into the ocean
44) Filming slow motion wet hair flips
45) Conversations with brilliant minds
46) People watching
47) Reading biographies

Further reminding me of how much our perspective warps the way reality occurs to us
December 7, 2014

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I was reminded yesterday of the time when @dominiquenghiem I were in Japan almost a decade ago.  I was 14 and she was 11 and our family wanted to go eat sushi but we were sick of sushi and wanted to eat steak instead.  Her mom told us to go ahead and we were both like “okay”.  So the two of us both barely teen girls, by ourselves, in a foreign country we’ve only been in for a few days, took the subway to go eat at a steak restaurant.  WHAT THE FUCK?!?! First of all, I can barely recall this memory and second of all, WOAH?!?  This was an amazing reminder to me of how capable I actually am…. WE WERE LITTLE KIDS IN A COUNTRY WHERE WE COULDN’T SPEAK THE NATIVE LANGUAGE, TOOK THE SUBWAY (a mode of transportation that is also completely foreign to us since we lived in surburbia and relied on personal cars to get from point a to point b) TO GO EAT STEAK.  That’s mind blowing to me.

I had this strong impression of my past and younger self being someone who was way too scared, sheltered, shy and paranoid of people and the world in general to go wandering about in a strange and foreign place without an adult.  I mean, I’m a completely different person now and love wandering around in foreign places by myself… But what…? Me doing that when I was 14?? Unbelievable.  I was brave enough to do that?  That just showed me I’m a lot more capable than I had estimated myself to have been.  It just trips me the fuck out.  It shows me how my perspective on things aren’t completely factual. Just stories and beliefs I had decided to subscribe and attach to how I saw myself. How strongly our perceptions of things warps our reality. Am I even making any sense?! I’m not sure how to best articulate it…

I’m also wondering why this memory has been practically erased from my mind? I would think it would be something to have heavily impacted me as a person and that I will remember it forever but I don’t. That really confuses me. Perhaps it’s confirmation bias in action? Back then, I thought of myself as this person that wouldn’t ever be brave and confident enough to wander and travel by myself… So any example that showed that I actually was brave and confident enough to do just that, was disregarded and then discarded.  Thus continuing my cycle of being this fearful and weak person that I kept telling myself I was… Because my mind has only been collecting evidence that just further proves my beliefs. WOAH, WHAT?  I’m just hypothesizing of course. But it does make a lot of sense to me.

It’s also a reminder for me to write down all the significant things that happen to me from now on.  Write down all the times I was able to overcome my fears… The times when I was able to override the negative self talk in my head. The times when I was able to ignore the doubt and hesitation that prevented me from doing what I wanted. To remind myself that I am much more capable and stronger than I think I am. Writing it all down and then whipping them out when I’m feeling down in the dumps, so that I can remind myself…

This is so trippy to me in a good way!  But this is a huge reminder for me of how our thoughts and perceptions of things really impacts the way the world occurs to us.

6 Important Things I Learned in October 2014
November 10, 2014

1. Save up a huge chunk of each of your paycheck, you never know when you’ll need that extra money.  Automatically have a portion of that money put into your savings account.  Don’t even look at it or think about it, just do it.

  • I didn’t save as much as I’d like back when I was working and now I’m completely fucked for the time being.  I suddenly had my cushy job taken away from me and now I’m just like well shit, I should’ve saved at least half of my check.  I look back on it now and I could have lived without most of the frivolous crap I bought with all that extra money.

2.  Think really hard before you make a choice that will hurt someone that you love.  Don’t make rash choices in the midst of all of your emotions, ESPECIALLY when you’re in the heat of the moment.  Don’t make choices when you’re really happy and don’t make choices when you’re really sad.  Give yourself time to think about things and when you’re in a stable state of mind, make that choice.

3.  BE ORGANIZED, keep all of your important papers in one place, one folder, one suitcase, one drawer, whatever, just keep it in ONE PLACE

4.  Do not be dependent on others.  Always APPRECIATE all the help you get but never become dependent on it or think you deserve it.  You aren’t entitled to anything.

5.  The present moment that we have right NOW is the only thing that is real.  Past is not real, the future is not real.

  • We spend so much of our time contemplating about the past and on the things we SHOULD have done and then we spend so much of our time thinking about the future and all the things we are GOING to do.  None of that is real.  The past already past.  And the future is something you can never predict, so telling yourself you’re going to do it “later” is not a good idea.  This realization hit me the hardest because life for me these past couple of weeks was literally turned upside down.  For most of my life I have been dependent on my parents, the car, the job, the housing.  I got all of that taken away and had to move back in with my parents.  On top of that they don’t want me in California for the next year so I absolutely have NO IDEA what the freaking future holds for me.  It is not DEFINITE. And so the whole “present moment is the only real thing” realllllly hit me hard.  So it forced me into thinking only of what I can do today, what can I do this hour, this minute.  To be honest, I think the thing that made me most depressed was me constantly thinking about the future.  And when the future didn’t play out the way I wanted it to play out, it broke my heart.  I’m learning to commit to taking action but not attaching myself to the results.  You never know what kind of results you’ll get and attaching yourself to just the results and destinations will leave you feeling like absolute shit because to be honest, not everything will go your way the first time around.  You’ve got to persistently go at it everyday and not give up!!  My beloved Professor told me that most successful people, fail more than the average person.  I got so much out of that.  Having been paralyzed by the fear of failure most of my life.  That helped me realized that making mistakes was a good thing, that it was actually imperative for growth.  It presents you an opportunity to learn SO MUCH from, rather than something that is the most terrible thing ever.

6. It is very important to always ask yourself “why” before you decide to commit to a project or goal.


Ricketts Glen, Pennsylvania
September 28, 2014




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To the Secret Pool in the Middle of the Desert a.k.a. Social Pool
September 20, 2014








I think it’s really ironic how Alfredo Barsuglia (the man behind the Social Pool art installation) named this project “Social Pool”.  But I think he probably did so for the sake of irony.  This pool is located in the middle of the Mojave desert, there is nothing SOCIAL about being in the middle of nowhere.  Ahaha oh the irony, I freaking love it.  To gain access to the pool you had to first make a call a week or so ahead of time to reserve the key (they only gave out 1 key a day) and then on the day of your reservation date, you had to go over to the MAK Center in West Hollywood to go pick up the key and the GPS coordinates to the location of the pool.  You get to keep the key until 11AM the very next morning. After you obtain the key you have to drive out about 2 hours or so from the MAK center to get to that secret spot.  I HIGHLY recommend using google maps when navigating to the coordinates for more accuracy (sorry, not sorry apple maps).

I discovered about the social pool through social media actually, facebook to be specific.  Someone posted an article about it and I instantly said, WOW, I HAVE TO GO CHECK THAT OUT.  Mike, Ben and I went in July (yes, super late post, but better late than neverrrr) and I was really worried about the heat.  So I told Mike that we should just take our time getting over to there because I didn’t want to be wandering around in the middle of the Mojave desert trying to look for this pool under the high afternoon sun.  So we took our sweeeeet, sweeeeet time.  We got there around 4:40PM if I remember correctly and the sun was lower and the temperature was just perfect!  When we arrived though we saw the 3 abandoned and broken down Breaking Bad like RV’S that other people have mentioned seeing when they ventured out there.  THAT was no lie, really fucking creepy because I had no idea whether or not there were people or scavengers that were hiding in there.  But anywho, so we try our best to just ignore those abandoned RV’s and find our way to the social pool.  Beware of parking on the right side of the road because it seemed like other people had gotten their cars stuck because of the loose sand, so we decided to park on the left side of the road.

The walk over to the social pool wasn’t actually that far from where we parked.  I was expecting to walk at least a mile to get to our destination but it was more of a 14 minute walk with a teensy bit of wandering (because we didn’t know exactly which direction to walk in).  So after a bit of walking we saw a bright white rectangle in the middle of nowhere and assumed that was the pool.  SUCCESS, it totally was.  We took out the key and opened it up and ahhhhhh, it was definitely a lot smaller than it looked in the pictures. HAHAHA! But the plunge into the cool water was definitely very refreshing.  The water was surprisingly very very cool.  I also thought it was really freaking awesome how Alfredo had set up some solar panels on the pool to power and operate the chlorine and water filtration system.  WOW, THAT IS SO FREAKING COOL.  Solar energy for the freaking win!!!!

So we chilled and talked for about an hour about how ridiculous it was how much effort we put in to trying to get to a secret pool that was located in the middle of the desert.  I personally think it was worth it, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t ridiculous LOL.

I had some really interesting reflections on the ride over to the pool.  I think that was my favorite part of the whole journey, those realizations, not the actual part of getting to the pool to be reallllly honest.  There is that one cliche that goes around saying it’s all about the journey, not the destination, right? :)  I realized that whenever I really wanted something, I would do whatever I could to make shit happen.  There are a lot of people that say they want this and that but don’t take any steps that would take them closer to what they said they wanted.  I too am guilty of doing this.  With that realization I made it a point to be very selective of the things I tell myself I want to do.  I have an issue with wanting to do many things and committing to too many things only to not see most of them come to fruition.  I personally think that’s not a healthy way to go about living life because it creates so much clutter and it also makes me feel like absolute shit because I feel like a failure for not completing the things I start.  Soooooooo, now that I realize that, I’m going to be much more conscious of choosing the things I want to do and the projects I decide to take on.  And before taking on a project I’m going to make it a habit to think really hard about it and ask myself why and write down the reasons as to why I should do it.

Well, that was quite an essay of a post. If you read it thus far, I want to really thank you and tell you how much I really appreciate you taking the time to read it.  It means a lot to me! Really!!!!

Hiking to the M*A*S*H* site in Malibu Creek State Park
August 3, 2014
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We went drove up to Malibu Creek State Park the afternoon of July 26, 2014!  We decided to take PCH over and that was not the best decision we made, we were stuck in bumper to bumper traffic for an hour.  So if you plan on doing this hike over the weekend, don’t take PCH over, trust.

We were a bit lost as to where we should park because there were multiple parking lots and entrances for the park.  We decided to go over to the Visitor Center and ask them for directions.

Obligatory handstands at the visitor center.


We eventually found out where to park and headed over to the parking lot, it was $10 to park so be sure to bring some cash!

In the very beginning of the hike, we found people swimming in the rock pools!! I am definitely going to bring my bathing suit next time!  There is a place called Century Lake that seemed like a popular spot to go for a lot of people.  I am DEFINITELY hitting that place up next time we go to MCSP!  I heard a lot of laughing and splashing from afar so it MUST be fun!


“A cute kid I found whilst on our hike! He was so stoked when he found that horse mask, he didn’t want to take it off!”

Also, next time I go hiking, I’m going to plan to go a lot earlier, preferably early in the morning maybe at 6AM or 7AM!  That would be the perfect time, especially during the summer.  The heat has been kind of ridiculous here in California and I’m not the type of person that finds it the most enjoyable to go hiking in heat!  I find myself not being as “present” as I’d like to be.  All I thought about was getting to the destination and that’s no fun, it’s the journey that usually makes it fun!!



reIMG_1085“This was a nice view….. The moutains were quite majestic.  And I learned that sometimes the candid photos are the best photos… Here’s one of me fixing my hair!”

“You see that look I’m giving Mike? Yeah, that creepy starry eyed look is how you know when a person loves someone or at least realllly likes them. LOL!”


The hike over to the M*A*S*H* site was just about 3.5 miles!  It was quite worth it!  The second half of the hike was the most beautiful, we crossed this bridge that had such beautiful trees hanging over it.

reIMG_1120“Obligatory headstand in a beautiful place, of course.”

reIMG_1124“The second half of the hike had much more greenery!  I loooove greeenery!”

“Alas, we made it over to the M*A*S*H* site!  MAJOR PHOTO OP TIME~! OH HAI MIKE.”

“This was another one of the abandoned cars left at the site! It’s so cute, all rusty and stuck in a bush!”

“Guys, I’m lost, WHAT DO!?!!?!?!?!?!?”

“You know you’ve reached high levels of intimacy in a relationship when your S/O isn’t afraid to pick your nose.  What is shamefulness. Also, I look so redneck here, it’s awesome.”

“Hey guys, am I a hot import model yet? HAHAHHAHAHHAHAHA, I had to do this, even though I was sweating balls.”